2018 Vitus Vitesse Evo Team Bike – Review

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After 4 months of racing the 2018 Vitus Vitesse Evo Team, here are my thoughts –
A top end frame finished with top end components builds a light, stiff and responsive bike ready for racing or for cruising through challenging sportive.
The build – The frame impressed me, it is a very light and stiff ride that responds fantisically when ridden hard. It’s still very capable of being compliant and comfortable at a socialable pace too.
I was previously not the biggest fan of mavic wheels, I often found them sluggish and narrow compared to other wheels on the market, but the new 40mm cosmic pro carbon sl are on par with other top end wheels like zipp 303, roval CLX40 etc. The new fast engagement hubs are very responsive, engaging as soon as you start pedalling. I found a little brake rub on out of the saddle efforts, but it was mostly down to having new brake blocks, opening the brakes a little eliminated all rub yet still plenty of stopping power. The tyres also roll just as well as other race favourites such as GP4000ii or sworks turbo.
The dura ace R9100 is an absolute dream of a groupset, so smooth and precise, even under load during changes.
The ritchey finishing kit is also very comfortable, the carbon seat post soaking up plenty of road buzz and the bars have a nice compact feel with a shallow drop, flattish tops and slight curve at your palm.
The fizik arione saddle is a great addition, a renouned saddle that many love and swear by, but being one of the most personal contact points, it doesn’t suit all, it’s the only item I have changed on the setup for personal preference.
Overall a race ready bike, more than capable of a long social run too. An impressive piece of kit, especially for the money when compared to other similar spec’d bikes from other major brands.
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