The season has begun for our road racers (well for the two Andy’s)

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Saturday 20/2/16 saw the opening round of the open road race season and with only one KCC member entered (Andy McCullough) all hopes were pinned on him to do well, and he didn’t disappoint as he sat at the front most of the race and worked hard(ish) even with his chest infection. However on the last lap and with a few 100 yards from the finish it all went wrong as some other rider tried to squeeze through a gap that was non existent, causing his rear mech to go into Andy’s front wheel and putting him out of the race. Andy was disappointed with this, however he knew he was strong, and felt pretty good considering his illness and is looking forward to his next race at the JM Memorial 27/2/16

Andy Evan’s account of his first race of 2016
Sunday 21/2/16 second road race of the year (my first of the year) Phoenix GP sold out field of 65 riders in the A4 race.
Wet miserable drive up but luckily rain stopped before start just leaving soaking wet roads, but was good course wide roads and all in fairly good condition.
10.45 A4 race starts! I start up near the front expecting it to go hell for leather but it stays fairly civilised pretty steady, steady until first corner then half the field go nuts coming out of corner boys literally all over the road the whole road! I find myself going backwards quickly because of this. I decide to hang back and just see how the race unfolds how everyone is riding and get to know the course.
The next laps to follow are the same, headless chicken run out of the corners. Third lap I start to make my way up the bunch on the start finish straight where I feel it’s the safest place to go.
Last lap was uneventful no real pace actually felt pretty slow and easy, back on to the start finish I make my way up the bunch again, then bang all hell breaks lose in last few hundred meters first real injection of pace, we were spread rite across whole road giving it everything and finish in middle of bunch somewhere.

In conclusion could I have gone harder? yes, should I have attacked more and pushed up the bunch? Possibly yes but then it was my first race of the year, finished without any incidents and I know I’ve got the pace to sit with the best of them and it’s still a long season ahead, so bring on John Moore next week!


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