Weekly Club Rides

Please see below for our regular club road rides (subject to weather & road conditions!).

Keep an eye on our members Facebook group for up to date info with regard to all our
club runs.

Tuesday Evening Road

06.30PM – members check Facebook page for start location, time and duration.

Wednesday Morning

09:30AM Lisbane for the weekly ‘Bun Run’.  A weekly cycle usually with a few climbs
and an extended coffee and bun.

Thursday Evening Road

06:30pm Killinchy Community Hall – check members Facebook page for other local
pickups en route. 30-40 miles.

Friday Morning

09:30AM Mountain Bike Cycle meeting at Audley Church Carpark CASTLEWARD. Usually a two lap cycle with a coffee thrown in.

Saturday Morning

09.00am Lisbane. Various local routes, approx 3-4hrs duration.

Sunday Morning

07:00am – Early Birds – Start at Lisbane.  Usually a 2-4 hour cycle with a few hills with
a high average speed. Start time, location and route can be found on our members
Facebook page.
09:00am – Loopers, Inbetweeners and Spinners groups meet at various locations
for a spin of 3-4 hours duration. Each group offers a different challenge, however, there
is something to be found here for everyone. Each group normally stops for a coffee. Location, start time and route details can be found on our members Facebook page.

09:00am – Freewheelers (11-13mph) meet at Killinchy Community Hall for a cycle of 2
hours duration with coffee stop around local roads.