Annual Awards 2022

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After our recent 10th birthday formal we opted for an informal Curry night at Overwood, Balloo House for our annual 2022 club awards It was an evening of great food, service and craic.

Thanks to Balloo House as always!

Winners 2022

Male cyclist of the year: Paul English

Female cyclist of the year: Fiona Purdy

Best newcomer: Catherine Ross

Off road cyclist(s) of the year: Ross Galway & Scott Maitland

Competition cyclist of the year: Jonny Adams

Club member of the year: Jonny Adams

Road captain of the year: Barry Liddell

King of the miles: Steve Sharpe

Queen of the miles: Claire Richardson

Virtual cyclist of the year: Claire Richardson

Inter club TT: Graham Mcconnell

Half-Wheeler: John Campbell

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