Alex Porter’s 200 mile Epic

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On Sunday 8th October I did a 200 mile cycle as part of my fundraising effort for 1st Saintfield Scout group. I started fundraising about a month ago using different ways to raise money. E.g. Just Giving and asking local businesses for sponsorship.
1st Saintfield scouts has served the Saintfield community for 106 years and we pride ourselves on our ability to teach kids from ages 6 – 18 the different ways which they can become active members of society as well as teaching them how to survive in different environments.
The main reason I started fundraising was to raise money for new equipment such as tents and equipment we can use when we take the kids camping and when they are participating in scouting activities.
Another reason is due to the amount of support which the troop has given me over the past 7 years, after I turned 18 the troop funded my training and I am now a fully qualified Assistant Scout leader. So it only seemed fair that I did something for the troop.
As part of my training for the 200 miler I participated in Spin classes at Comber leisure centre 3 times a week for 1 hour each. Using the spin bikes was a better option for me as it allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses so that when it came to the actual cycle I was prepared.
My best advice in training for a 200 mile cycle is to do a few 100 mile cycles before you do it so that you are familiar with the terrain, elevation, variable weather conditions etc, plus it allows you to see if you are capable of doing the distance, it also allows you to work out a reasonable average so that you don’t burn out at the halfway mark.
When it came to planning the 200 mile cycle I selected a route which I was familiar with and I ensured that the route was flat so that I could maintain a reasonable average. I also planned my route to pass through several small towns so if there was an emergency I would have a town of reference.
My supporters ranged from individual supporters, local businesses and large businesses. My individual supporters included family and friends as well as several members of my cycling club KCC. Some of the businesses which supported me include AES Corporation, Suitor Motors and The Poachers Pocket.
Thanks to their support I was able to raise over £800 which was amazing compared to my goal of £200.

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