Lady Dixon Park Cyclo-cross hosted by Phoenix CC

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Today we had Max in the U6s, Faye in the U8s, Cole and Elliot in the U10s, Reuben in the U12s, Andrew in the U14s, Richard and Andy in the Bs and myself in the As.  Phoenix opted not to run this event as part of the Ulster series as it had no MTB support race and instead the Women racers had their own separate race slot.

After Lurgan Park and last weeks mud-fest at Musgrave park, it was a nice change to see a dry-ish course.  This made for a fast race through the park’s gravel paths, rooted woodland and grassy meadows.  There were also two sets of wooden planks to run over.

The Maitland bros. again cleaned up in the U10s and 12s. Faye a 3rd in her first race of the year and Richard an excellent 3rd in the Bs. A special mention has to go to Andy after riding a 200km audax over the Torr head yesterday and then racing today!

Well done to Phoenix for running an excellent event and the BBQ after was brill!  Thanks also to Toby Watson for the photos.  Next week is Palace Stables in Armagh hosted by Square Wheels.

Full results and race info on .  More photos to follow…


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