Week Ending 8th May

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Sorry for the delay, however the threat of a kick up the ass by Heather M, has prompted me to get the report sorted.

As per previous weekly reports, the club continues to develop and grow due to the amount of various rides we cater and facilitate to suit the needs of members and potential new members.

During the week it was the first closed race run by NDCC, were we had four children attending and they didn’t disappoint as two came home in first place and the other two were well up the field in their respective classes (age groups)

We also had Andy McC attend the Armagh Crit, were he finished a very respectable 4th place in hard fought fight to the line.

Andy E completed a very hard and difficult Audiax event down south in some harsh conditions, which covered just over 193 miles – yet again he tells his team members nothing, but just gets stuck in doing what he does best riding his bike and representing KCC 😉

After another early start for the Maitlands on Sunday, as they made there way to Ballykelly for some more XC racing
Elliot and Rudi made their way to the up hill start for the Under 8’s. Starting from the second row, Elliot rode through the traffic to clinch an excellent 3rd place and after a bad accident involving a tree, Rudi rode on well to finish.

11.00am saw the Under 10’s line up on the hill. Reuben started from the second row and after a great climb up the hill he took the lead into the first corner. He rode on well to secure the win after 5 tough laps. Gracie rode well through the back markers to finish well up the field.

No representatives in the Under 16’s today for KCC as Drew Armstrong (AKA Hill Repeat) was out due to a ‘freak accident’. Get well soon!!!!

Scott rolled up to the start line for the S2’s and after a good start dropped back to 3rd, but held his nerve for the win – YIPPEE!!!!

Another great week for KCC

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