KCC Ladies attend women’s MTB coaching day

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The Woman’s Cycling Ulster MTB Training day was held on Saturday 13th February and two of the coveted spaces on the session were secured by KCC members Pauline Galway and Lyn Preece. The session started out at the Mary Peters track with introductions and a discussion on what to expect during the day and since no one was put off by what was to come, all 14 ladies headed off into the trail centre. With a fair mix of abilities ranging from the novice through to those at competition level it was easy to watch and learn from the more experienced MTB riders as well the coach and the fantastic under 10 champion, Aine Doherty from VC Glendale who made everything look so easy. Various skills such as attacking, cornering at speed, downhill and uphill riding were tried and tested over the course of the day with KCC riders Galway and Preece keeping in with the best.

Of course remembering to use the right skill at the right time requires skill in itself and the prize for most falls went to Lyn Preece who has been nursing a few bruises since. Galway, however won the award for the cleanest kit at the end of the day!

A very worthwhile experience and one recommended for all ladies regardless of ability.

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