CX racing at a very wet & muddy Bangor course

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Due to the race being a KCC local event, we had more entries at this venue than any other race to date, with four adults competing at different disciplines and several children taking part in the MTB support races.
First off was young Josh Parker who has moved up to under 8’s. It was his first race in category; however it didn’t put him off when sitting along the start line with the older kids as he pushed through the dirt and gutters to finish a very respectable 5th place.
Next was our wee rocket ship Reuben Maitland and he once again stepped on to the podium with a very well deserved 2nd place. And even his father said he was pushing hard to try for first as he heard him yell at back markers and other children for the first time since he started racing.
New to the mtb racing scene and showing off his new kit (Which didn’t stay clean very long) was Rory McBride, he completed the race and enjoyed the muck and dirt alongside the others in his category, and it’s good to see the dirt didn’t put him off as he’s signed up for DCC’s event in Craigavon 15th Nov.

cx1 cx3 cx2
Onto the adults races and it was time for daddy Maitland to try for one spot better than his son, however it wasn’t to be as Jonny Reid was just too strong on the day and Scott had to settle for a very deserving 2nd step on the podium as he was around 3 minutes ahead of 3rd place.

cx7 cx5
CX – ‘B’ race and it was time for Rod & new man on the block James Marks to get down and dirty and they didn’t fail as both were covered from head to toe in gutters that had been ripped up from all the previous races. Unfortunately James made a rookie mistake by wearing overshoes and due to the amount of muck he couldn’t get clipped in every time, so this caused him to lose time & ground. Rod on the other hand was going well in mid field until the last lap when he got a double wheel puncture, which caused him to carry & push the bike around the remainder of the lap.

CX – ‘A’ race and KCC’s only entry Ross was raring to go as he likes to play in dirt. It was a tough race for him and the others as the muck was past ankle deep in places making it hard to pedal/run/walk or even try to carry the bike across some of the sections, however he battled on and even had a smile for the camera men whilst trying to keep his momentum going.
Well done to all KCC members and supporters who turned up on such a wet day to encourage their club mates on.


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