East Down Interclub League Round 4

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A fine if breezy night up in Guiness for another testing route into the wind towards Dromara and back up the hill for the interclub league. Well done to all participants, and thanks to all the timekeepers, marshalls and photographers from LLRCC.

Name  Club Time
Mark Downey Banbridge 23.05
Edward Shannon Shimna 26.34
Zak Hanna Dromara 26.57
Adrian Kinley Shimna 27.20
Conor Rice Dromara 27.35
Davy Park Killinchy 27.36
Johnny Graham LLRCC 27.58
Terry Brown Shimna 28.29
Gareth Woodall Dromara 28.30
Richard Cowan Dromara 28.30
Martin McVeigh Shimna 29.18
John Mills LLRCC 29.26
Peter Disney Killinchy 29.30
Neil McLoughlin Shimna 29.47
Jill McClements Killinchy 30.13
Niall Cochrane LLRCC 32.08
Dylan Mcgarry LLRCC 32.15
Michael Coburn LLRCC 32.24


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