Week Ending 08/06/2014

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Killinchy CC, continues to grow in numbers with several new members this week and different faces turning up for the club runs, this is great to see as we’re still a young club with alot to learn in relation to organising events, club runs, TT’s etc. However we have a committed committee who work endlessly to ensure we can meet all the requirements as per our consitution.
On Tuesday evening some members heading over to the Ardscc road race in Orlock to dice it out with other clubs in the area. There was a strong field as many were using it as a practise for NDCC’s GP on the Sunday. Paul Crossen faired the best out of our riders finishing inside the top 20 on the fast course.
Wednesday saw some different faces on the club run, however there was still a good turn out and the pace wasn’t too sluggish either (from what I hear Stephen Carson was pushing it on)
Saturday was the return of the Newbie/Novice day, and to true form the weather was not favourable again. However 6 brave drowned rats went out and covered some miles, before stopping for a well deserved coffee stop.
We also had Steve Millership contest his first Triathlon event of the season. Well Done 😉
Sunday was the main day for the week, with various different events and races on offer for many. Alan Patterson returned back to doing what he does best and that is tramping in the miles at a high pace and this is exactly what he done on the Champion of Champions TT, finishing a very respectable 4th with a time of 1.00.00 flat.
Paul Crossen returned to the racing circuit, this time at the NDCC GP. There was a big turn out for this as it’s a relatively flat, but very fast course and this was to be the thorn in Paul’s side, as a break got away and with every bit of energy and effort Paul caught them, however it was too much and he retired a few laps after.
Andrew Evans entered probably one of the hardest events on the calendar ‘The Wicklow 200’ (I think it’s in preperation for the DCC Hilly). He climbed over 9,500 feet during the event, and he actually enjoyed it. Well Done..

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