Week Ending 11/05/2014

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WHAT A WEEK FOR CYCLING IN Northern Ireland & Ireland.
However lets start with our own wee club and what went on. Unfortunately the Inter-club league race on Tuesday evening had to be cancelled, but this didn’t stop Paul Crossen attending the Ardscc run event over in D’Dee, were he finished a very respectable 3rd.
The Wednesday evening club run was somewhat different to the normal spin out, as 15 riders ventured around the hotels in Belfast Giro stalking to see the outfits and more importantly to see if we could spot any of the riders.
Now lets get back to the real cycling that took place over the weekend – The Giro D’Italia – What can I say, or were do I begin. This is the 2nd biggest event in the world and it was all kicking off in Belfast with a Team Time Trial.
Several members took the Friday off to go and watch the practices in town, and some others gave up their weekend to volunteer for the event.
Throughout the weekend the atmosphere was electric and the crowds were all buzzing with excitement across the country before and after the cyclist had past. It was good to note that KCC was well represented across the North with riders seen in kit around the course at various areas throughout the routes.
Lets hope this the start to negotiations for the Le Tour de France to come to NI and it will make drivers of car more appreciative of cyclists whilst out the road.
Finally it was good to read on a social network site that KCC was commended for their courtesy whilst passing walkers on the Comber greenway, well done!!!

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