East Down Inter Club League Rd1

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The East Down Inter Club Cycling League got off to a great start with it’s inaugural race on Tuesday evening. A glorious warm and sunny Spring day turned into a misty and dull evening for racing. However 32 cyclists competed in the Shimna Wheeler hosted Burrendale-Castlewellan-Burrendale 5.5 mile individual time trial. Cyclists were set off at 30 second intervals as they made the laborious climb to Castlewellan, although a slight tail wind did aid the ascent to the town. At the turn it was flat out back to the Burrendale with gravity helping out this time! Some great times were recorded with Killinchy Cycling Club taking the top three podium places!! Shimna Wheelers took the next five places with the highest Lanterne Rouge cyclist coming in ninth. In a 5.5 mile race, times are always going to be tight and this was the story here; only 90 second separated the top 15! Many thanks to Shimna race secretary Marty for organising an exciting yet safe race. The benchmark has been set high for Killinchy and Lanterne Rouge Cycling Clubs! Thanks also to the time keepers, marshalls (special praise to the Priestley family who marshalled en masse), John Clarke for his steady hands, our photographer and of course the cyclists from the 3 clubs involved in the league and the guest cyclists from other clubs. The next race is the Lanterne Rouge hosted Spa-Seaforde-Spa 10 mile individual time trial on Tuesday 6th May. After the success of race 1 this race is highly anticipated but surely Shimna and Lanterne Rouge won’t let Killinchy dominate the podium this time!


Paul Crossen Killinchy CC 13:32 24.3mph
Ross Galway Killinchy CC 13:57 23.6mph
Alan Patterson Killinchy CC 13:58 23.6mph
Jimmy MacFerran Shimna Wheelers 14:00 23.5mph
Adrian Cunningham Shimna Wheelers 14:03 23.4mph
Sean Donnelly Shimna Wheelers 14:10 23.2mph
Stevie Cunningham Shimna Wheelers 14.24 22.9mph
Deon McNeilly Shimna Wheelers 14:35 22.6mph
Stephen Heasley Lanterne Rouge CC 14:42 22.4mph
Paul Watson Dromara CC 14:45 22.3mph
Damien Kent Curran Racing 14:46 22.3mph
Paul Mawhirt Dromara CC 14:46 22.3mph
Lavelle Grant Shimna Wheelers 14:50 22.2mph
Hayley Priestley Lanterne Rouge CC 14:53 22.1mph
Jimmy McVeigh Shimna Wheelers 14:54 22.1mph
Andrew Evans Killinchy CC 14:54 22.1mph
Peter Disney Killinchy CC 15:01 21.9mph
Marty McVeigh Shimna Wheelers 15:05 21.8mph
Terry Brown Shimna Wheelers 15:08 21.8mph
Dylan McGarry Lanterne Rouge CC 15:24 21.4mph
Ollie Forsythe Lanterne Rouge CC 15:35 21.1mph
Niall Cochrane Lanterne Rouge CC 15:39 21.0mph
Mark Rafferty Shimna Wheelers 15:40 21.0mph
John Mills Lanterne Rouge CC 15:41 21.0mph
Jonathon Graham Lanterne Rouge CC 16:00 20.6mph
Martina Hawkins ShimnaWheelers 16:05 20.5mph
Rob Neill Shimna Wheelers 16:06 20.4mph
Barney Curran Lanterne Rouge CC 16:07 20.4mph
Peter Bohill Lanterne Rouge CC 16:07 20.4mph
Joe Lennon Shimna Wheelers 16:31 19.9mph
Jacque Torney Shimna Wheelers 18:04 18.2mph
Caolan Hawkins (J) Dromara CC 19:01 17.3mph

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